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3D Full Model Test of 6th year SuperLongBridge Project

게시자: 전낙현, 2014. 8. 11. 오전 6:49   [ 2014. 8. 11. 오전 7:30에 업데이트됨 ]
3D Full Model Test of 700m steel composite cable-stayed bridges was conducted in Chonbuk National University. And 4 people who are Hoyeop Lee, Seungtaek Oh, Nakhyun Chun and Kyoungyoon Kim were participated in this test.
Specification of model is shown as below
  • scale ratio is 120.
  • width of girder is 28.3 cm
  • design wind velocity is about 48.2 m/s in field condtion.
  • max error ratio is 3.41 % through all conditions, specifically frequency ratio - rotational freq. over vertical freq.