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Ph.D. Course

Hoyeop LEE

6th year, 2010(Admission year)

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Major : Wind Test, Optimization of Section

Dissertation of M.S.

 - 정적 공기력계수 분석에 따른 레이놀즈 수 민감도 평가, 2010

Motto : "공학과 인문학을 통섭한다면 세상을 가질 수 있어~"

Seungtaek OH

5th year, 2012(Admission year)


Major : Buffeting Analysis, Image Processing

Dissertation of M.S.

 - A study on the target two-dimensional tracking analysis using digital image correlation at bridge cross-section wind tunnel test, 2011

Motto : "돌다리도 두드려 보고 건너야지?"

Jungkyun KIM

4th year, 2013(Admission year)

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Major : HSB

Dissertation of M.S.

 - None. [Unified Master's and Doctor's Courses]

Motto : "인생을 즐기자"