Structural Dynamics Lab analyzes influence of earthquakes, wind effects on bridges, plants and so on with being based on structural mechanics and dynamics. Moreover, we do studies on advanced structural analysis of various structures types like HSB800, CFT, corrugated steel for buckling and so on.

  We are the chief of the aeroelastic design part on SUPER LONG SPAN BRIDGE R&D CENTER. In addition, we have developed programs, KDCWE and so on, which analyze 3D bridge’s aeroelastic effects. For this reason, we can contribute to development of analyzing technique for super long span bridges and large scale structures.


- Wind Tunnel

- Wind Test Section 



- IFSS ( Independent Frictionless Spring-support System )  

- Underdamped System
- 3 Component Load Cell

 - CCD

- Air Bushing (Non-friction), Air Filter, Regulator, Drain 

- Hot-wire
- Laser Displacement Measurement
- Initial Displacement Controller