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Eurodyn 2014

게시자: 전낙현, 2014. 2. 27. 오후 11:10   [ 2014. 2. 27. 오후 11:56에 업데이트됨 ]
The European Association for Structural Dynamics (EASD) and the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) are pleased to announce that the Ninth International Conference on Structural Dynamics EURODYN 2014 will be held in Porto, Portugal, from 30 June to 2 July 2014. Seungtaek Oh and Prof. Hakeun Lee attend to the conference.
You can find information about Congress in here [ Eurodyn 2014 ]. The others informations are as below.
•Bridge dynamics
•Dynamic soil-structure interaction
•Dynamical behaviour of materials
•Dynamics of coupled systems
•Earthquake engineering
•Experimental techniques
•Fluid structure interaction
•Human induced vibrations
•Impact dynamics
•Inverse problems
•Multi-scale dynamics
•Nonlinear dynamics
•Reliability and dynamical systems
•Stochastic dynamics
•Structural health monitoring
•Traffic induced vibrations
•Vehicle dynamics
•Vibration control
•Wave propagation
•Wind engineering