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게시자: NakHyun CHUN, 2015. 12. 3. 오전 6:17

AWAS16, 2016 Int’l Conference on Advances in Wind and Structures




Dear Colleagues:

We are very happy to announce the “2016 International Conference on Advances in Wind and Structures (AWAS16)” as a participating conference of
ACEM16(2016 World Congress on Civil, Environmental, and Materials Research) to be held on August 28 - September 1, 2016, in Jeju Island, Korea. The congress venue is International Convention Center Jeju (ICC Jeju).

Being one of the six participating conferences of ACEM16, AWAS16 will provide with an excellent opportunity to look into the up-to-date developments in the allied fields which may give participants some good ideas for developing their own future research topics.

You are cordially invited to participate in this interesting event. Please refer to the themes of AWAS16 as below:

- Aerodynamic Models
- Bluff Body Aerodynamics
- Bridge Aero Dynammics
- Codification
- Computational Wind Engineering
- Field Measurements
- Flutter of Structure
- Galloping Instability
- Human Comfort Issues

- Technologies for Offshore Wind Turbines
- Wind Damage Assessment
- Wind Effects on Long Span Structures & Cables
- Wind Effects on Tall Buildings/ Structures
- Wind Energy
- Wind Loads Distributions​ on Structural Systems

- Wind Tunnel Modeling & Test
- Wind-Structure Interactions 
- Other Wind-Structure Related Topic

Since the AWAS16 Conference will be held in close association with Techno-Press journals, in particular with the “Wind and Structures, An International Journal(http://www.techno-press.org/?journal=was&subpage=8), you may submit the journal version paper for possible publication in regular or special issue of the journal as well.

You are also invited to organize a Mini Symposium (or organized session) with 6-8 authors.
For guidelines:  [Mini Symposium]

Deadline for Abstracts Submission is March 31, 2016. (Submission page to be open in December, 2015.)

Please visit the ACEM16 website(www.acem16.com) for more details, and contact us for any inquiries (info@acem16.com). 

If you can pass on the information about the conference to your colleagues who may be interested in, it will be greatly appreciated.


We hope to see you in Jeju island next summer!

With best regards,  


Prof. Chang-Koon Choi
Chair, ACEM16 Congress
Professor Emeritus
Korea Advanced Inst. of Sci.
& Tech.

Prof. Ashraf El Damatty
Chair, AWAS16 Conference
Dept. of Civil & Environ. Eng.
Western University, Canada

      Prof. Yaojun Ge
      Chair, AWAS16 Conference
      College of Civil Eng.
      Tongji University, China