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ACEM 14 Congress

게시자: 전낙현, 2013. 12. 31. 오전 5:43   [ 2014. 4. 15. 오전 12:32에 업데이트됨 ]
Advances in Civil, Environmental and Materials Research (ACEM 14) will be held on August 24-28, 2014 in Busan, Korea. Hoyeop Lee and NakHyun Chun who are Ph.D. candidate will present conference paper. You can find information about Congress in here [ ACEM14 ] and submit paper throuth this sites [ Paper Submission ]. The others informations are as below.

Important Dates

The conference will be held during 24-28 August, 2014. Other important dates are:

March 31, 2014

Submission of abstracts

May 31, 2014

Submission of proceeding paper (optional-see details)

June 30, 2014

Last day for pre-registration

August 24-28, 2014



Conference Themes

AWAS14 (Co-chairs; John Holmes (Australia), C.K. Choi (Korea))
The 2014 Int'l Conference on  Advances in Wind and Structures

Aerodynamic Models
Bluff Body Aerodynamics
Bridge Aero Dynammics
CFD for Wind Engineering
Computational Wind Engineering
Field Measurements
Flutter Application
Flutter of Structure
Galloping Instability
Human Comfort Issues
Static & Dynamic Behaviors of   Structures under Wind Load

Technologies for Offshore Wind Turbines
Wind Damage Assessment
Wind Effects on Long Span Structures &   Cables
Wind Effects on Tall Buildings/ Structures
Wind Energy
Wind load distributions
Wind Loads on Structural Systems
Wind Tunnel Modeling & Test
Wind-Structure Interactions
Other Wind-Structure Related Topics

(Co-chairs; Poul V. Lade (USA), Gopal Madabhushi (UK), Jong-Ho Shin (Koera))
The 2014 Int'l Conference on  Geomechanics and Engineering

Computational Geomechanics
Cross-anisotropic Sand Deposits
Energy Geotechnology
Geomaterials for Transport and Energy Infrastructures
Geomechanics and Gas Hydrates
Geo-Mechanics from Micro to Macro
Geometry-Property Relation in
Geotechnical Reliability and Risk Assessment
Geothermal Energy
GeoMechanics and Application
Laboratory Testing
Offshore Geotechnics

Physical Modeling
Pile Foundations
Seismic Behaviour of Pile Foundations
Seismic Geotechnics
Site Characterization
Slope Stability
Soil Improvement
Solids-Foundation Engineering
Soil-structure Interactions
Tunneling & Underground Spaces
Unsaturated Soils
X-ray CT Application in Geotechnical Engineering

(Co-chairs; Phill-Seung Lee (Korea), Adnan Ibrahimbegovic (France))
The 2014 Int'l Conference on  Advances in Coupled Systems Mechanics

▪ Coupled Systems Dynamics
▪ Multi Systems Interactions
▪ Soil-Foundation-Pile-Structures Interaction
▪ Soil-Structure Interaction
▪ Train-Rail Interaction
▪ Vehicle-Bridge Interaction

▪ Dynamic Analysis of Structures under Blast/ Impact Loading
▪ Fluid-Structures Interaction
▪ Flutter of Structure
▪ Multidisciplinary Interactions
▪ Wind-Structure Interaction

AMWT14 (Co-chairs; Enrico Drioli (Italy), Ruey-Shin Juang (Taiwan))
The 2014 Int'l Conference on  Advances in Membrane Water Treatment

▪ Desalination
▪ Fouling
▪ Integrated Water Technology
▪ Membrane Bioreactors
▪ Membrane waste Water Treatment
▪ Membrane Water Treatment 

▪ Scaling
▪ Surface Characteristics
▪ System Optimization
▪ Transport Phenomena
▪ Water Reuse

AEST14 (Co-chairs; James J. Schauer (USA), Woo-Jin Lee (Korea))
The 2014 Int'l Conference on  Advanced Environmental Science and Technology

▪ Advanced Hazardous Substance Control and Management
▪ Bio- and Environmental Geomechanics and Engineering
▪ Clean River& Reservior
▪ Green and Sustainable Environmental Management

▪ Green Infrastructure Paradigm
▪ Integrated SMART Groundwater Treatment
▪ Smart and Sustainable Environmental Nano-Science and Technology
▪ Treatment and/or Bioproduct Recovery
▪ Water / Waste Water Treatment 

ICAM14 (Co-Chairs; O-Ok Park (Korea), Philippe Miele (France))
The 2014 Int'l Conference on  Advances in Materials Research

▪ Ceramic Materials/ Ceramic Products
▪ Chemical Conversions of Materials
▪ Composite Materials
▪ Electronic Materials
▪ Iron Oxide - Material for Spintronic/ Medical Applications
▪ Laminates and Fabrics of Fibers
▪ Living Tissue Metals and Alloys
▪ Materials and Products Treatment
▪ Metal Powders
▪ Multidisciplinary Application of Materials

▪ Nanofibrous Materials for Energy Harvest and Storage
▪ Nanomaterials for Photovoltaic Applications
▪ Nanotechnology for Materials Science
▪ Natural and Synthetic Polymers Polymers/ Polymeric Materials
▪ Organic Solar Cells
▪ Piezoelectric Materials
▪ Reinforced Plastics
▪ Removing Arsenic from Water
▪ Semi/Super-conducting Materials

ICAC14 (Co-chair; Jin-Keun Kim)
The 2014 Int'l Conference on  Advances in Concrete Construction

▪ Innovative on site and precast methods for new structures
▪ Maintenance, repair and strengthening of existing structures
▪ Enhanced robustness and seismic performance

▪ Numerical modeling and risk analysis
▪ Durability and structural health monitoring
▪ Eco-efficient and ultra-high performance cementitious materials

ASMM14 (Co-chairs; Hong-Nan Li (China), Jeong-Tae Kim (Korea), Ting-Hua Yi (China))
The 2014 Int'l Conference on  Advances in Structural Monitoring and Maintenance

▪ Damage Detection Theory              
▪ Structural Identification and Diagnosis
▪ Structural Health Monitoring Technology   
▪ Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation
▪ SHM Application for Infrastructures       
▪ Retrofit Design Technology
▪ Environmental Loads and Effects         
▪ Structural Maintenance Technology
▪ Wireless/Remote Sensing Technology

▪ Structural Renewal and Rehabilitation
▪ Smart/Bio-inspired Sensing Technology    
▪ Seismic Protection Technology
▪ Distributed Sensor Network              
▪ Decision Analysis for Structural Assessment
▪ Optimal Sensor Position for SHM         
▪ Risk and Safety Management
▪ Spot/Periodic/Online Monitoring           
▪ Other Related Topics